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Curriculum and Instruction

Dr. Gerry Nolan, the Curriculum Coordinator, for the Anaconda Public Schools:  Our school system is on the move and in the lead when it comes to learning about and engaging in best practices to serve our students.

Since September 2013, all teachers of mathematics in Grades 3-12 have engaged in ASPIRE professional development.  Our teachers are learning best practices and methods to most effectively implement Montana Common Core Mathematics Standards.   Dwyer Elementary faculty will begin ASPIRE training in March and complete it by 1st semester of the 2014-2015 school year.

In February and March, science teachers district-wide will learn about the K-12 Science Frameworks.  This program, directed at Montana State University by Dr. John Graves, will be instructed locally by Gus Nollmeyer of MSU.

In all courses, faculty are being encouraged to write and assess student writing using a Six Traits of Writing Scoring Rubric at each appropriate grade level.  To promote writing across the District, a Writing Task Force has been formed.  The task force set aside four dates throughout the year when ALL students in ALL classes and ALL subject areas will write to a prompt developed by the Writing Task Force.

The social studies curriculum review is well underway.   The team is considering new texts and materials as the world around us changes so fast.  This team will write to how we  can  incorporate  the  writing,  speaking  and  listening  standards  of  the  Montana Common Core English Language Arts Standards.

Our District is working hard to prepare our students for success with the new Smarter Balanced Assessment  in  April.  Now,  perhaps  more  than  ever  before,  teachers  are engaged in professional development and are sharing their expertise across the content, across the grade levels and across the District.

I encourage you to be a part of any of the efforts listed above.   With parents and community members at the table, our District will continue to move most positively in the right direction on behalf of all the students we serve.

Thank you for your support of the Anaconda Public Schools,



Last Modified on November 6, 2015