Important Information for Bus Riders

August 6th, 2020

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s);

As you are aware the school district has been busy working on plans for reopening.  One thing that we are recommending to our families is that if they can transport their children to and from school to please do so as this will greatly reduce the contact your child has with other students.  

Tucker Transportation along with the Anaconda School District will do everything in our power to assure a safe transportation environment for your student.  We ask that everyone be considerate and cautious of others and if your student is not feeling well PLEASE err on the side of caution and keep them home.  If you have any questions feel free to contact Tucker Transportation at 406-563-3085

Attached you will find the Anaconda School District Bus Plan which was created in conjunction with Tucker Transportation.  Please note that your child is only eligible to ride the buses if you live 3 miles or more from one of the school’s in the district.  Generally, this means that if you live west of the Thriftway and east of the Town Pump you are eligible to ride the busses.   Therefore, while everyone is receiving this letter it’s actually directed at the families that live within these boundaries.  

NOTE:  A change for the 2020-2021 School Year:  Only preschool students who reside on a designated route will be eligible to ride buses (no exceptions).  Please contact Ms. Barney for questions:  406-563-6141, Ext 1302 or 

If you are going to be utilizing the bus system you will need to return the attached form to the District Office by August 14th.  If not, your child will not be eligible to ride the bus for a minimum of 2 weeks. 

Thank you and we look forward to seeing your child.

Tucker Transportation Justin Barnes, Superintendent

406-563-3085 406-563-4561