Superintendent Newsletter

Greetings everyone,

            The second semester is upon us and while students are getting into the grove of their new classes, the administration is already beginning planning for new and exciting things to come this summer and for the fall of 2019.  One thing to keep on the calendars is our annual summer school.  Summer school in Anaconda ranges from credit recovery to enrichment.  It is free, breakfast and lunch provided, and our hope is that our students will take part whenever they can.  Summer school this year will be held in two blocks and done in both half day and full day classes.  The first block will be June 10-28 and the second block will be July 8-26.  Due to some larger maintenance projects across the district we are looking to hold all summer school courses at Lincoln Primary but this is not a definite at this point.  We will keep parents and students in the loop once we know for certain all the details.  Class schedules should come out by the end of February in order that parents can have children sign up and we can finalize the schedule before the school year ends.

            For the upcoming school year, we are looking at several big projects that I hope the students, parents, and teachers will all find exciting.  We are looking into an alternative school environment for high school students that would still be run by the Anaconda School District but would vary from the typical school environment.  It is our hope that this environment might better suit those students who just struggle with mainstream education and need something a little different.  I will have more on alternative education in the future.  We are also looking at a couple of options for Junior High/High School with virtual learning.  Virtual learning is gaining traction in education as it is hands-on learning and allows students the ability to see things three dimensionally.  We feel this could be something that would engage our students while also increasing their love for learning.  Finally, we are planning to do some renovations to Memorial Gym, classrooms across the district, and some of our other facilities.

            The second semester is going to be great and will fly by quicker than anyone expects it to.  Please make sure to call or email with any questions you might have as we would love to hear from our parents and community members.  If ever I can be of help please do not hesitate to let me know.  I very much want to see every student in this district find success in whatever it is they are passionate about.  It is one of our district goals to work with parents and the community to make this happen.  Have a wonderful day.



Superintendent Barnes