Copper Fest **Updated date and time**

I am very excited to announce that our Community Engagement Committee has decided they would like to host a festival this summer called Copper Fest!  We will be meeting 03/06/2017 in the Little Theater at 6:00 pm to finalize a date, talk about some of the events to be held, and establish a community goal for what proceeds would go toward.  We desperately want community input.  We see this as a way to thank the community for all their support and at the same time have some fun while raising money for our students and bringing revenue into our community.  Please make an effort to be there and if you cannot attend this meeting contact a member of our Community Engagement Committee with ideas or opinions.  This committee consists of Blake Hempstead, Jaime Valentine, Gayle Venturelli, and myself. 

We thank you for all that you do for our students, this district, and our community.



Justin Barnes

Anaconda Schools Superintendent