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    Important Upcoming Dates

    May 22nd - Jumpstart Fieldtrip to Grant Kohr's Ranch

    May 23rd - 1st Grade Fieldtrip to Coyote Camp - Big Hole Battlefield

    May 24th - Mrs. Eamon and Mrs. Rieger's 4 year old classrooms going to Philipsburg

    May 24th - Mrs. Saltenberger's 3 year old classroom going to Washoe Park 

    May 29th - 2nd Grade Transition Evening At Fred Moodry Intermediate School at 6pm - 2nd grade only

    May 30th - Seniors Walk Through the Halls at Lincoln at approximately 9:45am

    May 30th - 2nd Grade Students Transition to Fred Moodry for the afternoon starting at 1pm 

    May 31st - Preschool Transition to to Kindergarten starting at 11:30am - Last Day for Mrs. Saltenberger's Preschool Students

    May 31st - 3 year olds who will be enrolled in 4 year old preschool will transition to 4 year old classrooms at 9am or 1pm

    June 1st - Preschool Graduation (Mrs. Rieger and Mrs. Eamon's classes) at 10:30am - Last day for Preschool

    June 4th - Transition Day for Kindergarten and 1st Grade Students - starting at 1:15pm

    June 5th - Field Day - Start at 12:30pm at the Commons

    June 6th - Promotion Ceremony for 2nd Grade Students at 1:30pm

    June 6th - 1st Grade Trip to Philipsburg

    June 7th - Last Day for Students






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