• The Administration Building of Anaconda School District #10 is located at 1410 West Park Avenue in the west wing of the AHS Technology Center. 
    Office Hours:     8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.  Monday - Friday  Year round  Closed for most holidays.
    Contact Numbers:
    Superintendent's Office:     406-563-6361      Fax:  406-563-4561
    Justin Barnes, Superintendent ext 1621 jbarnes@anacondaschools.org
    Katie Bisch, Administrative Assistant ext 1602 kbisch@anacondaschools.org
    Business Office:     406-563-8277                   Fax:  406-563-7763
     Kevin Patrick, Business Manager/Clerk ext 1702   kpatrick@anacondaschools.org
     Gayle Clark, Accts Pay./Rec. Clerk ext 1703  gclark@anacondaschools.org
     Jodee Barkell, Payroll Clerk ext 1705  jbarkell@anacondaschools.org

    Maintenance:       406-563-6361                     Fax:  406-563-7763

     Art Villasenor, Maintenance Supervisor  ext 1603  avillasenor@anacondaschools.org
    Special Services:    406-563-6361                 Fax:  406-563-7763
     Dan Laughlin, Special Services Director/                          Title I Coordinator
     ext 1605
     Addie Hall, Occupational Therapist  ext 1606
      Pete Lorello, School Resource Officer                         PLorello@adlc.us


Last Modified on June 27, 2018