• Dear Parents and Students,
       Welcome! My name is Kristi Kelly. I will be your child's 7th Grade Geography and/or Reading teacher for the 2016-2017 school year. Over the last couple of months the entire school district has been working very hard on getting our schools ready for your children. I have been enjoying getting my new room ready as well. There have been many new and exciting changes that have taken place.    
       Throughout the year the only homework your child should have from Geography are assignments that they did not get finished in class. There will be tests and quizzes given as well. I will post those dates on my assignment page on this site as they occur. In Reading students will have weekly Spelling and Vocabulary tests on Fridays. Students will also be using the Accelerated Reader program and will be required to achieve a certain amount of points based on their Star Reader test. My policy for homework is if they are absent they can make it up. If they don't have the assignment COMPLETED the day it is due they will receive a zero. They will not be allowed to turn it in late for any credit. I know this sounds harsh, but I am trying to prepare them for the real world.
       If you have any questions, please feel free to reach me at kkelly@anacondaschools.org I am always checking my email throughout the day. Listed below are the supplies your child will need in Geography and Reading. Geography- 1- 1.5 inch Three ring binder I package of loose leaf paper 1 package of Page dividers 12 Colored Pencils Pen or pencil Reading- Pen or pencils 1 subject notebook I'm really looking forward to a great year! Thanks for sharing your child with me!
    Kristi Kelly