Copperhead Enrichment

Dear FMIS Families, 

Welcome to our After School Program “Copperhead Enrichment”! To ensure a successful year, we would like for you to carefully read the following guidelines before signing: 

  1. Enrollment Policy

  • All students attending Fred Moodry are eligible to attend the after school program.

  • Parents/guardians must fill out an application and sign this parent letter to ensure a child is registered for the program.

  • If pertinent information concerning a student changes, the parent or legal guardian is responsible for notifying the school in writing of the change.

  1. Safety

  • All students are expected to maintain the integrity by being proactive leaders, respecting one another and school property. 

  • Only the designated people on the registration form will be allowed to pick-up your child. This policy is for the protection of your child. 

  1. Attendance

  • Students registered for the program are expected to be present except for the following reasons: 

  • Programming closed due to inclement weather. 

  • Students that receive either a behavior suspension will not be permitted to join programming that day.

  • The student was not in attendance during normal school hours.

  1. Student Supports and Guided Discipline 

  • Our after school program is a support program and your child is expected to meet all academic and behavioral expectations. 

  • All students will receive an individualized approach to address any behaviors. 

  • Staff will accommodate students by using the following strategies to help eliminate the possibility of a behavior strike: positive reinforcement for desired behaviors, redirection, problem-solving, cool-down breaks, encouragement, and reflection periods. 

  • Students will comply with the discipline policies laid out in the Parent Handbook for Anaconda School District.

  • Three occurrences of inappropriate behavior will result in a withdrawal of your child from programing. 

  • Students may be sent home for behavior in which case parents will be notified of the given suspension. 

  1. Inclement Weather 

  • If school closes because of inclement weather or any other reason after school programming will also close. 

  • In case of inclement weather that occurs during after school programming, the school principal will be responsible for decisions regarding early closing. 

  • Copperhead Enrichment coaches and staff will be responsible for contacting all parents or legal guardians to arrange a pick-up for students. Designated personnel must remain at the school during inclement weather until all students have departed. 

  • Registration 

  • Registration is complete when this parent letter and the application form are completed, signed and returned to Ms. Hurley in the main office. 

  • Classes Offered: You may attend more than one class

    All Courses will run from 3:30 to 4:30 

    Library “Extra” open hours 4:00 to 5:00 pm 

                 ^ Monday and Wednesday

Please sign your child’s name next to the classes they would like to attend:

  • Monday’s 

* Coding: Gayle Flynn

* Cooking Class: Matt McClure (Food Corp)

* Drama Class: Sue Koneck is currently filled

            * Stem Science Class: Chris Leipheimer

  • Tuesday’s

* Stem Science Class: Chris Leipheimer

           * Girls Coding Club: Amy Blume

  • Wednesday’s

* Mindful Movement: Matt McClure

  • Thursday’s

* Coding Club: Gayle Flynn

* Lego Robotics: Matt Buerkle