Working Through A Pandemic

Adversity builds character, but it can also be very challenging; especially when considering a worldwide pandemic. Below are some helpful ways to minimize the stresses of social distancing, and the tension of developing a new normal. 

  • Be sure to build a routine. Remember to stay consistent with your eating and sleeping patterns. Also stay active, and make time to exercise daily. 

  • Be sure to not to overload yourself with information. It is OK to step away from your phone, live updates, and the media. 

  • Practice social media self discipline. 

  • Understand your fears and rationalize/Prepare and plan reasonably. 

  • Think outside of yourself/Look at the big picture. One can alleviate stress in their life if you have the ability to help others and volunteer service.

  • Never feel guilty for your thoughts and fears. Stay openminded and optimistic

  • Seek support wisely. Too often we get caught in an echo chamber. Build perspective through multiple outlets of information. 

  • Together we can all make a difference by social distancing. 

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