JH/HS Return to In Person Learning


AJSHS Plan for a 7-period Schedule with Covid-19 Guidelines

 AJSHS Leadership Team

Board Approved 12/15/2020

This plan is for a 7-period block passing schedule for AJSHS. We will follow a Modified A/B Schedule because we want to be able to see all of our students face-to-face more frequently to provide instruction for all 7 periods broken up into two days (since we can’t offer them all in one day due to Covid-19).

*Note the following Plan will still follow Covid-19 Protocols such as wearing masks, social distancing when possible, sanitizing, seating charts, etc.

We will follow a modified A/B schedule where we would have Periods 1, 3, 5, and 7 on Mondays and Wednesdays, and then Advisory period followed by periods 2, 4, and 6 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Fridays we would continue to have remote learning, so teachers can prep lessons (since the weekdays will be limited), teachers can have department/grade-level meetings, staff meetings, and teachers would still have individual meetings with remote or struggling students.

Here is the schedule of how the A/B days will be implemented. We will  get out at 2:40pm as we are currently.

A-Days (Mon/Wed)

Period 1 8:25-9:45am  (1hr 20 mins)

Period 3 9:55-11:15am (1hr 20 mins)

JH Lunch 11:15am-11:55am (40 mins)  *HS Students will report to 5th period

HS Lunch     11:55am-12:35pm (40 mins)

Period 5  11:15-1:15pm  (1hr 20mins)  *40 Minute break for Lunch

Period 7 1:25- 2:40pm (1hr 15mins)

B-Days (Tues/Thurs)

Advisory 8:25-9:45am  (1hr 20 mins)

Period 2 9:55-11:15am (1hr 20 mins)

JH Lunch     11:15am-11:55am (40 mins)  *HS Students will report to 4th period

HS Lunch     11:55am-12:35pm (40 mins)

Period 4 11:15-1:15pm  (1hr 20mins)  *40 Minute break for Lunch

Period 6 1:25- 2:40pm (1hr 15mins)

A/B-Days Fridays-Remote

Fridays will continue to be remote for everyone. Since teachers will only have two prep periods during the week (2.40 hrs currently, in a normal week pre Covid 4.2 hrs.), this will give them time to prep lessons for the following week. It will also be a day for department/grade-level meetings, staff meetings and teachers will continue to have check-ins for Remote Learners/struggling students during scheduled office hours. As mentioned, it will be a time for students to get extra help and meet with their teachers if they need to do so. This will also be a day for deep cleaning for the custodial staff to disinfect everything and clean everything thoroughly before school the following week. Fridays students will be required to log in and get lessons that are posted. Fridays are still  workdays and teachers will either have work to complete from the lessons earlier in the week, or a lesson with work. All students will be expected to complete this work for the following week. Teachers are available with office hour schedules to help address the struggling students, or questions.If a student is not being successful, they could depending on circumstances be required to attend face to face.

*Note for Lunch. High School students will report to their 5th or 4th period period class (depending on the day) and have class for 40 minutes, then go get their lunch, eat, and resume their class after they eat. Students will continue to eat lunch in their classrooms and teachers will escort their classes down the lunchroom to ensure social distancing procedures are followed. The Junior High students will eat lunch with their 3rd or 2nd period teacher (depending on the day) and then transition to their next class after lunch. 

*Note 10 minute passing periods. This is for staggered passing to reduce risk and limit the number of students in the hall at the same time. Students will be released at staggered times and given 3 minutes for passing before the next group will be released. The release schedule at the end of each period will be as follows: Minutes 1-3, 7th and 9th grades (They are on separate floors so this will reduce congestion in the halls), minutes 4-6, 8th and 10th grades (Again, on separate floors), and minutes 7-10, 11th and 12th grades. Students will travel on the right side of the hallway during passing and will practice social distancing to the best of our abilities.This will also limit exposure as students will only be passing three times each day, and would help with contact tracing as the day of exposure would only be for four classes instead of all seven.

*Remote Students. Students/parents who choose to stay remote throughout the year will be expected to login to each class, following their seven period block schedules throughout the day. Teachers will have their Google Meets, so students can livestream into every class. If they do not attend virtually, they will be marked absent. They will also be expected to attend their Check-Ins on Fridays with their teachers as well.

*Safety. We as a staff together believe this is the safest and best way to get students in school. We will offer all seven classes on a block schedule, limit passing, and be able to provide direct-instruction effectively. As previously mentioned, Covid-19 Protocols such as wearing masks, social distancing when possible, sanitizing, seating charts, etc. will be in place.